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Assessments take approximately ninety minutes and take place in your own home. I will spend time observing your child’s play and communication skills. My assessments are often informal and conducted using toys, games and books. If required, I will carry out more formal assessments (standardized assessments that compare your child with other children of the same age). Following assessment, I will discuss your child’s strengths and needs and advise whether therapy is recommended.

If required I can write a detailed report detailing your child's specific areas of strengths & needs.
This may be the right choice for parents who wish to use the report in support of an application for an Education Health Care Plan or if requesting specialised Speech and Language support from the Local Authority or local NHS trust. It may also be informative for professionals working with your child in a new educational setting during a time of transition (Nursery - Primary - Secondary).




Therapy sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour and may take place in your home or child’s nursery/pre-school or school or online I usually include parents (or support staff) within sessions so that we carry out activities and try out strategies together with your child. I believe that this is an essential component of intervention so that opportunities for communication and interaction can then be woven into everyday life. At the end of each session, I will discuss activities and strategies that should be carried out by parents/support staff during the period between sessions.

In addition to language, communication and social interaction development approaches I have a deep interest and commitment to supporting young people with developing emotional regulation skills. I also offer sessions with young people around developing their understanding of their neurodiversity in a personal and positive way.


I am a PACT trained therapist and able to offer this programme to families.  PACT is an evidence-based intervention which uses video feedback with parents/carers in order to enhance social communication with their young child with an autism spectrum condition/social communication difficulty.  Intervention takes place over 12 sessions (60-90 minutes per session).  Video is used to help parents/carers recognise and respond to their child’s communication signals, working to enhance their interactions to develop and improve social communication skills within everyday family life.   This therapy is very effective when delivered remotely and so is available to anybody, anywhere.

Click here for more information on PACT


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