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Independent Speech and Language

Hello! My name is Bridget

I am a speech and language therapist with more than twenty years experience working with autistic children and young people and people with social communication differences. This has included:  helping non speaking children realise that communication is worthwhile to take part in, teaching children how to use alternative and augmentative communication systems, supporting early communicators to expand their language and how they use it, as well focusing on conversation skills and understanding of social situations for other young people. I also focus on helping children to learn how to understand and manage their emotions and develop coping skills and better self-understanding. I am an experienced trainer and coach of parents and school staff around autism awareness and interventions.

This is more than a job for me- it is a passion. I grew up in a community in Scotland sharing life with people with a range of learning and support needs. It instilled in me a love for the work I now do and an appreciation of being around people who see the world differently I now have a daughter who is neurodiverse. She has joked about how funny it will be that she is likely to get an autism diagnosis with this being my job. Parenting a neurodiverse child has most certainly deepened my understanding from a parent’s perspective. I have worked as part of Specialist Support Services for 18 years but now my children are older I want to do more private work. I feel the combination of my professional and personal experience makes me someone who can help other parents who are struggling to meet their child’s needs

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